gsteak: GNOME Translator

gsteak is a translator from German to English and English to German implemented as a Gnome applet. Is is very similar to xsteak and actually needs steak to run. gsteak either translates the word in the X-clipboard or the one entered. It returns a list of translations and possible uses of the word.


  • Translation from English to German and German to English
  • Shows translation and possible usage of the word


gsteak in gnome panel (Version 0.1.0)
gsteak integrated into Gnome panel (Version 0.1.0)

Preferences Dialog (Version 0.1.0)
Preferences, General (Version 0.1.0)


The most recent release of gsteak is version 0.2.1.

To compile this you'll need to have gnome and steak installed.



recent news

Mai 16, 2001 version 0.2.1 -- Added Icon.
December 8, 1999 version 0.2.0 -- building gsteak now based on autoconf.
December 8, 1999 version 0.1.0 -- initial release.


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